The Badlands

Running Against the Wind

It is a cool and windy day outside today, a preface of fall transitioning to winter. I went the whole summer without an entry, so let’s get caught up. The summer weather was really nice overall, with warm temperatures and not too much rain. The kids were home with me for most of the summer vacation, except for a few weekdays at UPEI activity camps. I took a few days off from work here and there so we could play tennis, go indoor climbing, see a movie, visit an outdoor ropes course, wander through an art gallery… all kinds of different things. They seemed to have a good summer overall, and it was fun having them home. Soccer is the kids preferred summer sport, and Samantha played on a real team for the first time. She was able to enter a few tournaments and played really well. As the summer progressed, it was awesome to see how the teams come together and really start working as a unit.

One very interesting mid-summer event was the a Soapbox Derby race that Luke entered. His grandfather, myself, and Luke worked on building a soapbox racer. We ended up with a black, flame-kissed, sleek wooden racer that tore down the hills. Luke had a lot of fun racing and did pretty well in the competition. Out of three heats, he won, tied, and lost. Unfortunately, the last race was an elimination stage, so that was the end of his racing day. He was pretty proud of his accomplishments though, and I expect we’ll be fine-tuning the machine next year!

My marathon training schedule was in full swing all summer long, with the distances really stretching out in August and September. I did three test races as the season progressed, and scored personal bests in all of them. Even the dreaded 25k Harvest Festival run was handled with relative ease. My long training runs went really well, and I was feeling very good going into the marathon weekend in October. I had a solid plan for race day, and Tammie and the kids were coming out to cheer me on. Unfortunately, out on the race course things did not go my way. I really starting struggling about halfway through the race, and despite all the adjustments I made I could not get back into good form. Instead of getting close to my 3:30:00 goal, I ended up over my previous marathon time of 4:00:00, basically limping into the finish line after a disastrous last 10k. It was a very difficult thing to accept, and I still am not entirely sure why my day was so terrible. It just goes to show that sometimes despite good preparation and planning, failure is always an option. That is it for me and the marathon distance. I don’t think I could ever walk up to another 42.2km start line again. And that’s all I have to say about that.

The summer entertainment schedule was pretty slim on the movie and gaming side. I saw a few movies in the spring, but there wasn’t a whole lot to look forward to in the summer. The next thing on my list is Doctor Strange. I am really curious to see how Disney handles the absolutely insane mystical world of Doctor Strange. I don’t doubt anything they make after what they managed to do with Guardians of the Galaxy. The only big video game title I am eyeing right now is Forza Horizon 3, but new games are a little too expensive for my tastes right now. I will wait until the price has dropped a bit before taking the plunge.

Halloween is around the corner, and the kids have their costumes picked out. Luke is a ninja warrior with a super-cool back-mounted pair of swords. Samantha is going as Scarlet Witch from the Avengers movies. Earlier in October, we went out to the Brackley Drive In’s Trunk or Treat, so the kids have already had a dry run in their costumes. Luke would sleep with those ninja swords if we let him!

Alrighty, best get on to some chores before it gets too late.