Go West Young Man

Here we are in the last day of June and it looks like we might actually be getting into summer. This week was super warm, after a very cool spring. It is raining today, but you need that every once in a while. Despite being cool, we had very little snow since my last post, and that has really helped with the running schedule. I have transitioned out of my Spring Tune-Up schedule and am now getting deeper into actual marathon training. I am running at least 5 days a week, and the runs are getting longer. So far the runs are going pretty well, and I’m trying to get to bed earlier so I don’t feel so tired. I was having some lower leg soreness and even gave a foam roller a try! I haven’t been using it long enough to know if it is working or not, but at least things aren’t getting worse. I’ve only done one race this year so far, and it was a pretty speedy 5k. I will have to get more racing in as the summer moves along, because I don’t feel I have my racing legs just yet.

Not too long after my last post, Tammie had an accident at taekwondo and completely ruptured her Achilles tendon. It was a nasty injury and put her on the shelf for the better part of three months. She has only recently begun to walk on it again without crutches or some form of rigid ankle support. I admire her toughness though; she did her best to work through the injury and has done a great job getting it rehabbed. Tammie’s injury had us questioning whether or not we could continue to travel to Calgary, but in the end we decided to rent a wheelchair and give it a go.

The trip to see my sister in Calgary was awesome. The weather was amazing while we were there, and we got to see many different things. We spent a day at the Calgary Entertainment Expo, which I found to be extremely disappointing. Definitely the low point of the trip, and another lesson in how much I hate events with big crowds. It was everything I was afraid it going to be and nothing that I had hoped it would be. After the Expo, we went out to Banff for a few days, which were just spectacular. We rode the gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain, hiked Tunnel Mountain, and dashed up to Johnston Cannon Falls. Tammie was able to accompany us on everything except the Tunnel Mountain hike, during which she relaxed with some wine and a book at the hotel. We also zipped up to Lake Louise, which I found to be a beautiful but boring spot. After our mountain excursion, we made our way to Drumheller and the Royal Tyrrell Museum. The kids really enjoyed seeing the dinosaur bones. We went for a little hiking and scrambling in the badlands as well. Back in Calgary, we visited the Calgary Zoo and had an afternoon at Flying Squirrel Sports, a massive trampoline park. We also saw the Jungle Book in an IMAX theatre, which was pretty neat. In the end, the trip seemed to pass too quickly and we were on our way back home. I was very happy that the kids got to see the mountains and spend some quality time with my sister in her backyard.

The spring also brings the summer movie season, and I have been out to see a few thus far. In the comic book movie world, Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War were amazing films for completely different reasons. Deadpool was a perfectly irreverent film that hit the nail on the head, and the casting of Ryan Reynolds was pretty much flawless. Captain America: Civil War was basically the next Avengers movie and showed how you can create conflict without a villain that can destroy the world. And Spider-Man was a delightful surprise addition to the Marvel Universe. On the other hand, Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice was a soulless, joyless train wreck of a film that confirms Warner Bros has no idea how to handle superheroes. I don’t even want to talk about it. I skipped X-Men Apocalypse, since I hated X-Men First Class and X-Men Days of Future Past. I just can’t get behind the Bryan Singer movies, and my beloved X-Men slide further and further down into movie mediocrity (Wolverine exempted). I recently saw Warcraft, inspired by World of Warcraft, and was pleasantly surprised. The visuals were perfect, and the movie itself was passable. I was anticipating a total disaster, but it was about as good as I expected a video game-based movie to be.

The kids recently finished classes for the year, and will be home with me for the summer. Samantha is heading into Grade 4 and Luke into Grade 2. They had a really good year at school, and seemed disappointed it was over. But summer brings extra excitement! Summer is also soccer season at our place, so there is lots of time spent sitting beside the pitch and watching the games and practices. I’d really like to get everyone out to Rise and Climb this year, now that they are old enough. Not sure if Tammie will be able to climb this summer, so it may be a daytime activity that the kids and I will do ourselves.

Happy Canada Day! Until next time!