What Did You Do Last Summer?

Where has the summer gone! The entire summer has gone by since my last update, so I suppose it is time to check in. The summer was definitely a mixed bag on the weather front, with a few weeks of hot weather, but overall it has been cool and wet. I had a few weeks off with the kids, in between their attendance at day camps. Tammie unfortunately had very little time off this summer, so kids were stuck with their grumpy old Dad! We had fun times, trying to balance days out adventuring and with others spent at home. We saw art galleries, played tennis at the park, went mini-golfing near the beach, watched movies at home, and played video games at our local arcade. We might have had one-too-many pizza days too, but you can’t be good all the time! The kids spent a lot of time at swimming lessons this summer, and learned a huge amount in the pool. Samantha is a better swimmer than I am, and Luke will go off the high dive that makes me pause when I am standing on it! They had another great soccer season as well, playing twice a week. Both of them are getting to be solid little soccer players, and I really enjoy watching them play.

I ran my 100th race in June, and had a 5k time of 20:33. I was very pleased with that, given my near 50-minute 10k earlier in the spring. I switched my training over to longer distances after that. My intention is to run a half marathon in the fall, but I have been helping my friend train for the full marathon. We just finished a 32k run the other day, which is the longest run I have done in about 10 years. Next year is full marathon for me, and I am using the long runs this year to work out the kinks. I don’t really remember what it is like to exceed the 30k mark, so you have to re-learn what it feels like! By the way, it feels terrible. Samantha decided she wanted to run a 5k race in the summer, so I helped her train for that. She was awesome to run with, and did a fantastic job on race day. She has easy-speed, which was well-demonstrated as her little eight-year-old legs passed many adults on race day with ease. I can’t help but be proud. I didn’t race very much over the summer, as I have been battling various little aches and pains all season. My achilles and calves have been very bothersome, and will likely not be 100% come the half marathon in October. I should probably take at least a month off, but I am too stubborn at this point.

Despite a strong early season in the movies with Avengers: Age of Ulton, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Jurassic World, I haven’t really had much of a reason to be in the theatre since. I missed Ant Man, but that was partly because I didn’t go out of my way to make sure I saw it. I saw the latest Pixar film Inside Out, but didn’t fall in love with it as much as some of the previous Pixar films. I’ve probably developed into too much of an action junkie! In games, I have once again fell back into playing Diablo 3, the endless gear hunt continuing! Blizzard also just announced the release date for the last part of StarCraft 2, Legacy of the Void. Going to be busy come November 10, 2015!

Battling a bit of a cold tonight, so I should probably head to bed. Until next time.