Might Need New Shoes

So here we are on the last day of November. I’d like to say that winter hasn’t arrived just yet, but that’d be a bit misleading. We have snow covering the ground today, and I had to clean off both vehicles this morning before work and school. So in my books, that counts as winter! But I am getting head of myself. In running news, I did two races since my last update. In October, I ran the PEI half marathon, which was the culmination of this summer’s training. I had a pretty good time and overall position, finishing 43rd out of 536 runners. It wasn’t my fastest time on the course, but I wasn’t expecting to be very fast since my summer training lacked any speed training. Shortly after the half marathon, I ran a 10k race and had a pretty good finish, coming in just over 45 minutes. Again I was pretty far off any personal best times, but overall was pleased with the result. In early November, I crossed over 1000km total mileage for the year, which I am also pretty happy about. It has been a long time since I crossed the 1000km mark, and it took a lot of work and perseverance to do so. I had quite an injury plagued year, and was only feeling 100% come mid-September. My goal for the winter is to keep a good base for running the 10k to 15k distance, and then get back into longer mileage come the spring. Next year is marathon training year, with my attempt at the 42k coming in October.

In gaming news, we finally entered the current generation of consoles, purchasing an Xbox One. My son Luke is a pretty big gamer, so we got the entire family to pitch in and get him an Xbox One for his birthday. It is a fantastic machine, and I am very happy with it. Our house pulses on a Windows 10 eco-system, so it plugs seamlessly into the whole show. No matter where you are in the house or whatever your device you are on, you can access almost anything in our digital library. My personal obsession right now is Forza Motorsports 6. I have always loved racing games, and it is just so slick. I also picked up Shadows of Mordor on sale, and can’t wait to start that game. But it’ll wait until I am sick of burning up rubber on the tracks of Forza!

Work has been steady the last month or so. We have transitioned to a work-from-home scenario, and so far that is working out pretty well. It took us a little while to get all our remote workflow sorted, but I think we’re crossed off most of the challenges on that front. I’ve got an office space set up at home, and after I ship Tammie and the kids off to work and school, it’s a short commute (like 5 second walk) to the office. Skype has certainly become my best friend recently!

It is about a month away from Christmas, which means the kids are getting excited for the holiday season. Christmas concerts at school, lists to Santa, watching Christmas movies, and all that stuff. Tammie loves Christmas as well, so it’s a month-long event at our house! Even though I’d be considered the household Grinch, there is something pretty cool about being able to experience the excitement of Christmas morning with the kids. It reflects back to the time when you were young and it was so exciting to wake up and run out to the tree.

Until next time!