Sleep Is for the Weak

Here we are in October, which means that autumn is upon us! The weather has been pretty good thus far, and it hasn’t gotten too cold just yet. The big October race weekend has come and gone, and I ran in the 10k race as planned. I finished 10th out of 402 people, so I am pretty happy with how the race went. It wasn’t my fastest time on that particular course, but it was a close second. And considering I was battling a bad cold for the run, not too shabby! I have one more race I’d like to run before calling it a season. It is another 10k, so it lines up nicely with my overall training this season. Next year I’ll be working on the half-marathon distances, which will increase my overall mileage.  I am going to take a little break in November and early December, then right back on my feet. I want to add more speed over longer distances, which is going to be very difficult. I’ve had very little success in getting faster over the last few years, so I may have to try something different.

We recently headed over to Fundy National Park and hiked Third Vault Falls. We had completed the same trail in the spring of this year, but it looked quite different in the fall. Unfortunately, our overnight stay in a Moncton hotel was disrupted by a group of drunken hockey parents in our hotel. People can be such inconsiderate jerks. Tammie was unable to join us on the hike because of the poor nights sleep, and the kids came along but were extra tired. We soldiered on, and in the end had a pretty good hike. The weather was perfect and the snacks were plentiful, so that certainly helped get us through. The fall themselves were just as beautiful as they were in the spring, although all the damp leaf litter certainly made the hike a bit more challenging!

Work was supposed to be extremely busy through September and October, but some disruptions in the overall schedule has given us a little more breathing room. We have two major projects that we want to complete before Christmas break, so we are knuckling down to get those finished up. We are dependent upon another company for some of the project inputs, so that’s a bit of a challenge. You always prefer to be the master of your own destiny, as it were.

I haven’t been drawing much recently, but I have several projects floating around in my head. It seems like the evenings zip by, and it’s bedtime before you know it. Going to have to start stretching the days out a little longer perhaps. I have managed to find some time for playing Hearthstone and getting back into Diablo 3 a bit. I picked up the Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls, and it really helps improve the overall game. I scooped up Lego Marvel Heroes on a Steam sale as well, which Luke has been playing quite a bit. He really enjoys the Lego games, although all of the others are only playable on the XBox 360.

And speaking of not finding enough time in the evenings, I have a few other errands to run before bed, so I best get to them. Until next time!