We Are Groot!

August has finished up and it appears to have taken summer with it. The temperatures have definitely gotten cooler quickly, and the days are already noticeably shorter. That’s life in the Great White North! August was a good month of the running side. I feel like I finally have my running base back, and am starting to get some speed. It was also the first month in a very long time that I went over 100km for the month. I slipped in a few races in July and August as well, although not as many as I would have liked. Just today was a 5k race, and I managed to come in third place! Small crowd, so that gave me a distinct advantage, but it is always exciting to place high in the field. I may have had a shot at second place, but I didn’t have the confidence to make a move late in the race. That is the downside to not racing; you’re not sure when you can really push or not.

Guardians of the Galaxy was the hot summer movie this year, and I went to see it twice! It was a fantastic movie with wonderful characterization, a fun plot, and awesome special effects. Marvel Studios has definitely hit their groove the last couple of years. The highlight of the film is definitely Rocket Raccoon, who I initially thought was going to be the dumbest. I don’t really care for Bradley Cooper all that much, but he 100% nailed Rocket’s voice. Groot was also a fun character, and is the centre of some nice emotional scenes.  And of course Chrit Pratt was clever and compelling as Star-Lord, delivering a wonderfully human performance in a film filled with crazy aliens. Oh, and a shout-out to Thanos who looked and sounded spectacular

Work has been pretty steady over the summer, and the fall is looking quite busy. I took a few weeks off to stay home with the kids on their summer vacation, and we had a fun time. They had a great summer filled with soccer, beaches, biking, and just general nonsense. This year was a big festival year in Charlottetown, so we benefitted by being able to attend a lot of those little functions. If it’s got a bouncy castle, Luke is a happy boy! School is approaching soon, and Luke will be entering Kingergarten. Samantha is heading into Grade 2, so she is an old pro at this school thing. I expect Luke to adjust well, but we will see. He is more of a home body than Samantha, generally speaking.

Well, a work week is ahead so I best get to bed. Til next time!