Up, Up, and Away!

The June weather hasn’t been so bad, which has allowed me to get out running pretty regularly. I also ran my first race of the year as well. In fact, it was my first race in 11 months! I did okay, running 5k in 21:41, but that’s nowhere near my regular 5k pace. I am hoping that I will gain some speed as the summer progresses, but so far my training runs have not been very fast. I also haven’t been getting out for any longer runs either. It feels a little bit like I am squeezing them in whenever I can get them, which sometimes makes me rush through them or go shorter than I had intended. I have been running in the evenings, but I may have to switch back to mornings.

Tammie and I went to the Rise and Climb Adventure Course recently, and it was really fun. The course is a set of three levels, each higher than the previous one. And within in each level, there are a set of climing challenges divided by rest platforms. It was quite fun and I managed to climb all three levels and complete most of the challenges. Tammie did really well too, getting through level 2 even though she is not crazy about heights. They also had a tandem zipline, which was quite exciting. We only rode it once because we spent so much time climbing, but it would have been fun to do again. We spent three and a half hours at the course, so we were pretty tired when we were done. I’d like to do the course again sometime, maybe when it isn’t quite so hot. They offer night climbing, which sounds pretty interesting. I wonder what it feels like to be hanging 10 meters in the air with only the blackness beneath you.

Tammie and I also got to see X-Men: Day of Future Past. It was marginal at best. I felt like I was watching an entire two hour movie whose sole purpose was to undo X-Men: The Last Stand (which I suppose it kinda was). I didn’t care for most of the characterizations, and really thought they missed the mark with Wolverine. I also found it didn’t contain enough action and way too much introspection and brooding. I don’t really enjoy dramas that are disguised as action films because a few of the characters are wearing superhero costumes, but maybe I am in the minority.

Samantha is finished of Grade 1, so is starting her summer vacation. We have her in several camps over the summer, such as swimming and tennis, and I hope she enjoys her time there. I am taking a few weeks off with the kids as well, so we’ll find some nonsense to get up to. Work has been pretty busy lately, but more manageable than it was in the spring. I am trying to keep on top of the projects so my weeks off don’t mess with the scheduling too much.

Well, another work week is on the horizon, so I best wrap it up for the evening. Another Monday ahead!