The Storm Rages

It’s been a rough winter in the Great White North. We are digging out from another storm today, in which we received almost 50cm of snow in one night. The winds were also incredibly strong, topping out at over 100 km per hour. It isn’t very often that the entire province literally shuts down completely, but yesterday was one of those days. The sun is out today, but the winds are still really strong. I’ve spent about 3 hours shovelling snow, and I’m feeling pretty tired. Tammie and I decided this year to not hire any snow removal services, and with record snowfalls this year, we kinda got bitten in the ass. Oh well, you win some and lose some. Hopefully spring will soon kick in and we can finally get on the road to summer!

I took off almost six months from running because of a foot injury. It wasn’t broken, but became very painful. I have narrowed it down to swapping to a new kind of shoes that have a foot-box that is not the right shape for me. I have begun training again, starting with a novice program, and am about four weeks into the schedule. I am hoping to have a good base back under me come spring, so that I can get some decent races in for the summer. My goal is to mix in more cross-training with my running this year as well, because I’d like to be in better overall condition. I think a little strength training will help with my speed as well. I have no particular racing goals this year, although it’d be nice to get ten races in or so. I’d be happy with that.

Work has been pretty busy since December. We have been working on a few larger projects, in addition to our flagship software. One of the newer projects is using the Laravel framework. It has some nice features, including very powerful routing and object relational mapping. I have to admit that I find using Composer to be cumbersome. I suppose you don’t really need to use Composer again after initially installing Laravel, but we use it for almost all our update processes. Some people love the Linux command line, but not me!

The first must-see movie of the year is coming up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I loved the first Captain America so I can’t wait to see this one. It is awesome that Scarlett Witch and the Falcon are also in the movie. The apparent take is that Cap has some issues with how Shield is working a little too pre-emptively, perhaps not always been the “good guys”. I think that creates an awesome moral dilemma for Steve Rogers that will play out well on-screen. We shall see!

Hopefully next update will bring better weather!