From the Bottom Up

So the start of the school year and come and gone, and so far the kids seem to be adjusting well. Samantha is enjoying Grade 1, and seems genuinely excited to head to classes each day. Luke is fitting into his pre-K program well, and is beginning to make some new friends among his classmates. Both of them head into their classrooms without any hesitation (or even a look back in most cases), so it’s great that they seem to be adjusting well socially. I’ll credit Tammie for that because she is so good to make sure they get out and meet other people. I am a bit more introverted, and have gone literally weeks without talking to anyone who wasn’t a co-worker or family member.

My foot is still not 100%, so I have decided to skip all remaining races for the year. I don’t want to be out running and end up with a bad limp or nagging injury heading into our December trip to Disney. I’ll probably begin working out again soon, but just not with much running. The strength training and conditioning program I was completing during the summer will become my primary activity instead of running. I am disappointed that I have missed out on the later part of the season, especially the Prince Edward Island Marathon weekend. That is always a great event and one of the highlights of my year, running or otherwise!

Work has been pretty steady, with a variety of projects on the go. With a mix of some smaller and some bigger work, there has been a lot of hopping around. I have really begun to work with responsive design in my front-end work, and it is an interesting approach to building web applications. To do it properly, I find that you actually have to start at the smallest screen you are looking to support and work your way up from there. That approach definitely changes the way you look at designing an interface. I was introduced to Bootstrap by a co-worker, and I really like that framework as a starting point. The Bootstrap folks have created some great tools that make developing responsive designs much easier than doing it from scratch.

Well, it’s getting late and I think I am going to sneak in a little gaming before bed. Until next time!