Seasons Change

August has ended and it continues to be a great summer as far as the weather has been concerned. I have continued with my training and have done really well not to miss any workouts. The changes have been subtle, but I am really beginning to notice the results of the strength training. Unfortunately, I have developed some pain in my left foot that has stopped me from running altogether. I had it checked out by the doctor, and it doesn’t appear to be broken, but it’s painful enough that it looks like I have 4-6 weeks or little or no activity ahead of me. I am quite disappointed because my training was going so well, but maybe I bit off more than I could chew. In any event, the layoff ruins my training schedule for the big autumn races, so I have written those off. They are too expensive to register for if I am not going to be able to race them at my best. I’ll probably squeeze one more race in sometime in November, and that’ll be it for the year. But as soon as I am able, I am going to get back into the training schedule, because I felt better on the routine. That way when I emerge for the running season in the spring, I’ll already be in great shape. Here’s hoping!

So school starts soon. Samantha is heading into Grade 1 and Luke is going to a half-day pre-school program. Samantha had a great year at kindergarten last year, so I hope she has a similar experience this year. The pre-school program if the first time that Luke will be supervised by someone other than his immediate family, so we’ll have to see how that works out. I think he’ll be fine, but you never know until they are there! Tammie is finishing up the last few days of babysitting, and then she started to look for other work. The job hunt is never a glorious endeavour, but I have full confidence in her ability to find something before too long. She is too skilled, talented, and personable to be out of work for anything but a short time.

Well, short update as we finish out the summer. I expect more excitement is to come as we roll into the fall and begin final preparations for our family trip to Disney this winter!