Sizzling Summer

It has been a hot July around here, with some awesome summer weather. I never complain about hot weather, given how short our summers are. I started a training program in the beginning of July and have been able to stick to it so far. It is a mix of running and strength training, and this is the first time I have really tried to mix the two. I have moved my running time from evenings to early mornings, which is rough because I hate to get up early. For the strength training program, I have been using a DVD that focuses on core strength, which I hope will help alleviate some of the knee and hip problems I get some times. It’s too early to tell if the training is working well or not, as my body is still adapting to the new schedule, but so far so good!

I somehow managed to miss Pacific Rim in the theatres and am very disappointed about that. It turns out my local theatre ran it for only two weeks and then dumped it, which was crazy consider it was the top film in Canada for more weeks than that. I guess people around here don’t like giant robots! I did manage to see The Wolverine, however. As a huge Wolverine and Hugh Jackman fan, that movie is about as close as possible to a movie I couldn’t help but enjoy. It was very good, and I liked the changes that they made from the Miller comic book story. My only complaint was around their usage of Jean Grey. While I loved seeing Famke Jansen re-take her role, Jean should have been portrayed as a more sympathetic character and a little less antagonizing. But with that small complaint out of the way, it was a fun ride from beginning to end. And it was nice to know the world isn’t filled with mutants (like the other X-Men films would lead you to believe)!

The Steam Summer Sale passed through not too long ago, and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t snagged a few deals. I picked up both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, which are truly awesome games. Great story and graphics, and really makes you feel like you are in charge of the Dark Knight. I also grabbed Left4Dead 2, which is pretty fun to pick up and play. It definitely provides some truly memorable zombie apocalypse moments as the dark and the drooling mobs close in. I also grabbed the latest Tomb Raider game, but have not played it yet. That’ll likely be something that I start up later in the fall. My final addition was Civilization V, which is the one game I am a little unsure about. But I really wanted to try it out, and the price was unbeatable! Needless to say, I have my gaming needs covered for the next several months for sure.