Mind the Gap

So looks like I missed May with my blog updates, but that’s okay.  We’ll catch up with this month.  Still not in gear with my running, although I have done a few more races. Mostly 5k’s but each time I run one I get a little faster. I have set a new goal to start a training program in July that will get me ready for a 10k race in October. It is an intermediate program that transitions into an advanced program about half-way through. It also mixes in some cross-training and strength training, which are new things in my regiment. I normally just run.

So the summer movie season has been underway for a while now and there are still lots to go! I went to see Iron Man 3 and enjoyed it. The story was nowhere near as good as the Avengers, but it was a solid film. My major complaint was that there wasn’t enough Iron Man. Tony Stark spent 99% of the movie outside of his armor, and when the big fight scene came along, Pepper Potts ends up doing the fighting? Disappointing. Next up was Star Trek: Into Darkness. That was a solid summer blockbuster, with lots of incredible action and great overall pace. The story was a little thin and not as strong as the first film, but the action and special effects were at least as impressive. I did enjoy the homage to the Wrath of Kahn, but felt at times the strong paralleling actually hurt the film. Things became a little too predictable. And rounding out the most recent film I’ve seen is the Man of Steel. Finally a good Superman movie! While I have a nostalgic love of the 80s Superman films, when watched today they don’t quite hold up (and the third and fourth films are terrible). Superman Returns from a few years ago was an okay film, but had so many fundamental flaws as a whole, it was doomed to fail. The Man of Steel was an action-packed and epic-scale movie where they finally ditched Lex Luthor as the key villain and pitted Superman against someone of equal power. The combat scenes were amazing, with the super-speed fights sizzling across the screen. Henry Cavill was a great casting choice as Superman and wore the tights like a pro. Michael Shannon was terrible as General Zod, but thankfully he did enough to prevent his portrayal dragging the film too far downwards.  I especially loved Antje Traue as Faora; she was delightfully frightening.  All-in-all Warner Bros created a Superman movie in the same tone as the latest Batman films. It was darker and grittier, grounded in a real world. We’ll see where they head next.

Work has been busy lately, with several different projects on the go. I am working on some new websites, redesigning old ones, and performing major updates on others. I think I’ll be headed back onto our flagship software pretty much full time within the next month or so, as we ramp up the next set of major revisions. As the software is used primarily in the tourism sector, we tend to limit large-scale changes until the off-season. But the planning begins mid-season, so we’re ready to roll once the last push of visitors is heading home.

Luke recently had a terrible stomach flu, knocking him down and out for a full two days. He literally sat in the rocking chair in our living room for an entire day, hardly getting up to go pee. And for anyone who knows Luke, him staying in one spot for too long is a pretty rare event. He seems to be better now, but he passed some of it along to me. I haven’t had any vomiting or anything, but I’ve been sea-sick for a few days now. Haven’t eaten very much either as a result, so that has made me tired. I think I turned the corner today, but I really hate these stomach bugs. They tend to linger with you more than some other things.

Well, speaking of being tired, I should go get some sleep. Canada Day approaches and they might be a late night with fireworks in my schedule!