Spring Run-Off

So we made it through April, and I managed to get in my first run of 2013. The weather was terrible, and the run wasn’t too great either. I felt really sluggish and not at all in shape, probably because I am totally not in shape! I am still not getting very many training runs in, and seem to be generally lacking the overall discipline and desire that I usually have. My left leg has been a little wonky since last fall, and that has definitely had an impact. Perhaps some crappy race times will get the old engines revved again, as I hate turning in mediocre performances when I know I can do much better.

So Iron Man 3 is on the horizon, and that is pretty exciting. It has had some major numbers in the international box office, and I expect it to do no less once it hits North America. This summer is looking great for movies with the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness and The Man of Steel. I can’t seem to find the time to go see as many movies in the theatres as I used to, but I am definitely hitting the big screen for those three flicks. Marvel has done such an awesome job with their characters that anything touched by Marvel Studios is must-see in my books. Now if we can only get DC/Warner Bros to make a decent Superman film, then maybe we can finally pave the way for something related to the Justice League. Here’s hoping!

The other activity that seems to be lacking this spring/summer is the creation of any new artwork. I had high hopes for a few larger pieces this year, but in the end haven’t gotten my butt in gear to get them done. Seems to be a trend so far! One of my friends recently re-started a Sketchjam group on Facebook, so that’s nice to see going again. I am going to try and keep on top of the weekly themes over there, as I more drawing keeps your skills sharp. I did a few of the weekly sketches on Sunday afternoons while Samantha and Luke also drew with me, so maybe that is a new activity to make a regular thing.

Tammie and I recently got away to see Leonard Cohen at the Halifax Metro Centre. I will admit that I am not much of a fan of Cohen, but I will say he puts on a very professional show. And it was just nice for Tammie and I to spend some time on our own in a city we don’t visit all that often. The rainy weather didn’t dampen our spirits as we wandered around the downtown core, and we almost got to sleep late one morning! The only major disappointment was that the hotel restaurant couldn’t make pancakes for our breakfast on our departing morning (even though it was on the menu). How could you run out of stuff to make pancakes?

Only the universe (and possibly the hotel chef) knows for sure.