Winter Bites!

Winter still has a firm grasp on the weather so far, with Spring feeling a long way off. There continues to be snow, cold temperatures, and general crappiness whereas last year we had warm temperatures and sun. The weather definitely has impacted my desire to get out and run, although with the sun setting later in the day, I will soon be able to get in my outdoor evening runs again. I don’t like running outside in the dark because I find it treacherous for footing, especially if there is still ice on the ground. In more positive news, the flu that was hanging around our house has finally departed. So at least everyone is sleeping again and not quite as grumpy!

The big entertainment news this month was that Startcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm was released. What an awesome game! The single player story was excellent, and I was disappointed to see it end. Unlike Diablo 3, which was a disappointment, Blizzard really delivered with this expansion. I have been playing some multiplayer as well, although haven’t mastered many of the new units yet. The craziest addition to the game is leveling of each faction as you play competitive games. You can actually unlock new sprites for your army, permanently changing their look-and-feel.  That is awesome! The only downside is that I will have to wait another two years for the next expansion. Come on Blizzard, work faster!

We have become quite the Lego family after Christmas, which I think is great. Luke loves Lego City, with all the trucks and car sets. Samantha loves Lego Friends, and saved up for four months to buy one of the larger sets with her allowance. I was so proud of her for sticking with it! Tammie has to reign me in sometimes because Lego truly is the one thing for which I have no discipline. I would buy every Lego set ever made if I could, because they are so awesome. And no, there is no such thing as too much Lego. Such a notion is completely illogical. Luke is still a little young to build many of the sets on his own, but he loves to play with the finished models and puts together his own simple vehicles. Samantha is a Lego whiz and can put together any set she has placed in front of her. I still have all the Lego I had when I was a kid, so our overall collection is getting pretty big. I’d be lying if I didn’t fly my Lego Avengers Quinjet around my office when the kids are in bed.