Cold and Flu Season

It’s been a cold and snowy month in the Great White North recently, with winter getting in a few last blows before we start to think about Spring.  I haven’t gotten my running legs back under me yet, and the one day I decided to get out for a 5k, the -20C windchill made me regret that decision! My running motivation remains low, despite the fact that I’d normally be picking my mileage up by now. I think the combination of the cold weather and late nights with the kids have left me a little drained when it comes to lacing up the runners. It seems like everyone in my household has had a cold for weeks now. The nights are rough because someone always has a bad cough that keeps everyone else awake. It doesn’t seem to slow the kids down too much during the day, but it certainly has made me tired after a few weeks of it. Ah well, these things are only temporary and are bound to run their course eventually.

Samantha and Luke have been taking skating lessons since the late fall, and those are soon coming to a close. Samantha is a better skater at 5 years old than I am in my mid 30s. Luke is getting to the point where he can shuffle around the ice without too much problem, although he lacks speed and the ability to turn and stop very quickly. Neither one of them seem to love skating at this point, so I am not sure we’ve discovered a passion for either child, but we’ll see in the coming years. Samantha really enjoys tennis right now, and we’ve kept her in tennis lessons all winter. Whether or not she continues to play into the future or not, I really enjoy seeing how excited she is when she gets on the court with her racket. And she’s not too bad either, with a very natural swing.

Next month is finally the release of Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm! I am very excited to play it, and can’t wait for launch day. I have been playing lots of Diablo 3 and some original Starcraft 2 to pass the time until the new stuff launches. Maybe I can get myself to the “not terrible” level on Starcraft 2 before the expansion goes live!