I Own a Minivan

We managed to end 2012 without too much winter arriving. The Christmas holidays were busy with visiting and the usual hustle that accompanies that time of year. The kids made out like bandits, despite everyone’s promise to “cut back”. Ah well, they are only little once, I suppose. Luke has been getting a healthy stockpile of Lego, and it was fun to set up a little Lego city in his bedroom. We have to put away some of his larger sets when the daycare kids are over, so I feel a little bad about that. But its only a few more months before we are getting out of the daycare business and we can all re-adopt our home. I think 2013 is going to be another radical transition year for us as a family, but only time will tell!

So through some crazy chain of events, we ended up buying a minivan on Christmas Eve. That was one of those Tammie-driven experiences that I was just along for the ride on, but that’s one of the reasons I love her. Her spontaneity balances my need to plan everything to the last detail. It’s a used vehicle that is in pretty good shape, and we feel like we got a pretty good price on it. With the kids and all their stuff, we have outgrown the car that we have had to this point. I’ll keep using the car to go to work and puttering around, but the van will become our primary waggon to carting the kids around.

I didn’t run at all in December, but started my strength training program recently. I am hoping that will help prevent any further leg issues this year. It is amazing how much stronger my right leg is than my left. I have always read about leg dominance, but it’s pretty spectacular how much difference there can be when you have a metric to measure it. I’ll probably clear more of January without any running, and then head back into some low mileage runs in February.

I got a bunch of art books for Christmas, and I really want to start working on some other art projects. Tammie has a book idea in mind that she wants me to illustrate, so I will start working on some concepts for that soon. It’s going to fully-painted, so each piece may take a while. There are services online that will print your books in softcover or hardcover formats, so I am excited to get all the pieces together and see what our final product would look like.

I finally finished Diablo 3 on Inferno difficulty level (the highest level of difficulty in the game). As much as I love Blizzard and the Diablo series, I really have to say that Diablo 3 has been very underwhelming. That’s not to say that it is a terrible game, but it certainly is not, but it is a far cry from most of the titles that Blizzard has released over the years. I played Diablo 2 more than any other game before World of Warcraft hit, and I won’t spend a fraction of that time with Diablo 3. And I don’t think it is because I have changed as a gamer, I think Blizzard just missed the mark with this one. Ah well, you can’t hit it out of the park every time!