Busy as a Bee

Frozen BerriesNovember continues to bring fairly nice weather, with warm temperatures. We seem to be getting a lot more rain than we have gotten previously in the year, but I’ll take that over snow! My running mileage has dropped to almost zero this month, with me sneaking in one last race for the season.  I expect to take off a month or two while my knee stitches up, and then I’ll start some rehab training. Even though it has only been a few weeks since I stopped running, I miss it already. I couldn’t image being in a cast for several months, like my Dad was after his knee and ankle surgeries!

I have been really busy with work this month, so that has been monopolizing a lot of my time. I am also missing getting some artwork done, and haven’t been able to do very much this month. I want to do a bigger piece, and have a few ideas in mind. However the time never seems to materialize for those projects, once you get all the required aspects of your day out of the way. And then you need to sneak in a few hours for sleep as well!

The rush to Christmas has begun, with the kids assembling their Christmas lists and the decorating starting. Tammie wants to put up lights outside this year, but we have never done that before. I am not scared of heights, but ladders are not one of my favourite things. I do not trust them. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that I do not trust myself on a ladder!

I picked up Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 off of Steam recently, as it was marked down quite a bit. It is a pretty fun game, and I use it kind of as my Solitaire when I want to kill 15 minutes. All the rules of Magic are crazy, and I can’t believe people can keep track of all the variations at tournaments and such. And I thought Dungeons and Dragons was bad!

Well, not much else to report this month. Back to some more work!