Aches and Pains

Watching the WavesOctober has finished up and we are still having really nice weather here. The temperatures are warm, and although there has been more rain, we still have some sunny days as well. That’s been nice for Samantha at school, since that allows her class to do more outdoors things. Waiting outside the school to pick her up has been great with little rain and warm temperatures as well. Samantha and Luke are both in skating classes, at different times and different rinks. After being there a few weeks, I think Luke is actually too young to be on the ice, as he struggles to understand and get around. But he is excited to be there and loves being on the ice, so I’ll keep taking him. Samantha is more advanced because of her age, and is beginning to skate really well. Tammie has started mentioning ski season, so I am sure that will be the next winter activity on the docket.

I ran the half-marathon event in mid-October, setting a personal best in the process.  My time was 1:38:28, which was a little bit faster than my time four years ago. I felt strange walking up to the start line because I wasn’t as nervous as I usually am. But once we got rolling, I kept my pace steady and tried to hold my position in the field right up until the end. The weather was a little cooler that day than it had been the previous few weeks, but with little wind and no rain, I won’t complain about cool temperatures. I finished 39 out of 614, which I am pretty happy with. My left knee has been bugging me all year, and I am pretty sure I have IT Band Syndrome. I have one more race this year to complete, and then I will likely have to take a few weeks off with no activity at all. As an overuse injury, rest is the best course of action, followed by some leg strengthening programs. So that means I likely won’t meet my mileage goals for this year, but I’d rather be healthy for years to come than try to make up those extra kilometers.

Work isn’t as busy as it was last year, but I still have lots to do. We have been working a lot on an internal project for apartments rental management. My employer has several businesses, and one of them is a rentals company that has over a hundred units. We built out a piece of web-based software that helps manages clients, rental agreements, buildings, units, etc.  It is a pretty slick tool and I am quite happy with how it is turning out. The staff seem to find it very helpful thus far, which is always a good measure for success.

I am tearing through the highest level of difficulty in Diablo 3, and it’s pretty fun. I think this is how the game should have been right from the beginning. Too many people didn’t stick with it long enough to get to this portion of the game, and they are losing out. I here rumblings about the next expansion for Starcraft 2 nearing release, and I hope that the reports are true. The expansion has taken way too long to develop.

Well, I have some contract work to move onto tonight, so I best get cracking. No rest for the wicked!