The Seasons March On

Corn MazeSeptember is never my favourite month. There are a lot of reasons for that, but generally I just wish that September would skip us by. But this year we had a big September because it contained Samantha’s first day of school. Tammie struggled with the approach of the school year because she has stayed home to look after Luke and Samantha. They really have never been out of her sight for very long. Samantha on the other hand, was super-excited to be attending school, and eager to experience all the new things that awaited her. I had mixed feelings about the whole thing, because I enjoy watching my children grow up and become their own people, but at the same time you can’t help but lament the passing of those early childhood days. Having children means that you can be a kid again. You get to be stupid and silly, and for brief moments you can shed the responsibilities of adulthood. It’s a beautiful experience, and truly meant to be cherished while you have the chance. Anyways, it was difficult to drop Samantha off on her first day of classes, entrusting her to people you do not know. Both my parents are teachers, so I know that 99.9% of teachers are fabulous people that only want to do the best for their students, but it was still hard. But she was fine, and I was fine, and we are into the routine now. Some days I feel sad that I cannot experience these parts of her days; I always feel like I am missing something important. I suppose I am.

October brings up the half-marathon race, which will be my last major race of the year. It won’t be the last race that I run, but it will likely be the last balls-to-the-wall race that I’ll be in. Last year the wind was terrible for this event, and I am not hoping for a repeat of that this year. I am well-trained and motivated though, so I’ll give race day everything I have. Normally I’d be confident that I could set a good time, but the pain of the 25k in August lingers on. I was sure I was prepared for that race as well, but the last portion of that event really drained my tank. So we’ll see on race day.

Luke has discovered Lego, mainly because of my insistence. He loves it, which bodes not well for our financial future. I love Lego and would every set in existence, given the chance. He is a bit too little to make the sets on his own, so I help him along and then we play with them afterwards. We are heavy into the Lego City theme, since Luke loves trucks, cars, and motorcycles. Samantha also has a few of the Lego Friends sets, and she enjoys those as well. Not quite as much as Luke, but we probably have quite the Lego collection beginning!

Tammie is taking a creative writing class at UPEI this fall. It is fun to watch her write more regularly, because she really enjoys it and is a very good writer. She has a real knack for creating believable characters. She has to submit a piece every two weeks, which I think is a nice amount of writing for her to knock off. Practice makes perfect, and sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to be creative after a hard day with the kids. The class helps keep her motivated and I really hope she gets what she needs out of it.

I am trying to get through Diablo 3, and am close to the highest difficulty level. So I think I’ll squeeze in a few minutes of dungeon crawling before I head to bed. Til next time!