Heat Wave

ExploringAugust has been very hot and humid, which I don’t really mind at all. Some people complain about the warm weather, but I think I should have been born somewhere much warmer than I was. I relish the warm temperatures for the most part, even on my runs. I was not sure I would be able to run a 25k race in late August, but I ended up giving it a whirl. The day was very hot and the hills were challenging, making for a difficult race. I finished in 2:07:00, and Tammie said she has never seen me looking so exhausted when I hit the finish line. It took the better part of the day to get re-hydrated and back to feeling normal, but overall I faired not too badly. I wish the last 5k of the race had felt a little better, but it’s been a few years since I put that kind of distance on my legs at one time. I am definitely ready for the half-marathon in October. I now just need to keep myself in tip-tip shape.

My Dad recently had ankle surgery in Halifax, so that meant I drove over with him. We were expecting to be there up to six days, but ended up being able to go home after four. I really missed the kids and Tammie while I was gone, so it was nice to be back. I am probably not really cut out for travel that would keep me from my family for a long time. I have never really had the chance to spend much time in Halifax during the summer; I always seem to end up there in the winter. With the new semester approaching, there were a large number of Dalhousie University students milling around, and moving vans on every corner. Made me miss my university days.

Samantha is starting school this month, which is amazing because it doesn’t seem that long ago from her baby days. She is a very bright and social little girl, so I expect that she will fit into school very well. Luke will get some more quality time with Tammie, which I think he will enjoy. He is developing into a very independent little guy, which makes reigning in his enthusiasm difficult sometimes!

And speaking of enthusiasm, I am beat. So I’m off to get a few more errands completed around the house and then off the bed!