Feel the Rush

Rushing WaterMay was a busy month as the ramp-up for summer begins. Summertime is always a time for projects you can’t do other times of the year. This year we are putting a deck onto the backside of our house. I have never built a deck before, so Tammie’s Dad is helping to guide me through the process. I wouldn’t call myself very handy with tools and such, but I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty and learning a few things when the opportunity presents itself. We have the deck design in place, and now we just need to get the materials together and start making a mess!

My running was going pretty well through May. I was on schedule to crack 100k again, and even slipped in a few races. But I got some kind of stomach sickness towards the end of the month that sidelined me for a few days. I’ll spare everyone the details, but it was quite unpleasant. Luke had the same thing although I think he recovered faster and better than I did! I can feel my speed returning as I managed to keep a better running base through the winter months. There are a few more 5k and 10k races before mid-summer that are good for getting fast time, so I’ll give it a go whenever I get the chance.

We went over to Fundy National Park for the weekend not too long ago, and we hiked the same trail that we did with Samantha a few years ago. It leads to a large waterfall. The kids did great on the hike, and loved the waterfall. It took about three minutes before Luke up to his knees in rushing water. The weather for our hike was fantastic, and even though everyone was tired at the end, spirits remained high for the whole adventure. It would be great to head back there again this summer sometime, so we’ll keep an eye on our schedule.

Tammie and I went to see the Avengers. Greatest superhero movie of all time! I loved every minute of it, and the comic book nerd in me was in heaven. Every character impressed me. Every fight scene wowed me. Every joke made me laugh. Marvel definitely got this one right, and The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man have a big act to follow. I was most impressed with how they managed to give each and every character ample screen time without lagging the pacing of the overall movie. Plus Loki was a perfect villain to showcase. And Thanos at the end! Holy crapola!

Diablo 3 also dropped this month, which makes May a big month on the entertainment side. I haven’t gotten quite as much time with it as I would like, but so far I am really enjoying it. I love the Monk class, so am playing the hell out of that right now. It really does feel like an upgraded Diablo 2, which is a very good formula for Blizzard to take.

Speaking of which, it’s getting late and Diablo isn’t going to defeat himself! I better cram some dungeoneering in before bed. Until next time!