Spring Fever

Watching the waterfallApril has come to a close and I managed to skirt with 100k for the month in running mileage.  I ran a couple of races, and have my sights set on several more over the coming months. I’ve started to mix in some speed training as well, and it feels like it has had a decent impact on getting some of my speed back. I haven’t had the chance to mix in any longer runs yet, but that will come in the next few weeks. The weather has remained on the cold side, but at least the snow appears to be finished for another year!

I’ve been doing a bit of extra contract work recently, which has been primarily illustration work. A change of pace to be sure, as the vast majority of my work is more technical and involves programming. The illustrations are for a first aid course, so the images are very specific and often challenging to find good reference for. For illustrations like these, I will often use photographic reference to ensure the proportions for the participants are correct. And sometimes that means bugging my wife Tammie to be my co-model, with my daughter Samantha taking the pictures!

I’ve ended up doing a lot of work in WordPress recently. I can’t say I am an absolute expect in it, but I am getting to know it pretty well. After having spent lots of time in Drupal, it is interesting to see how two different kinds of software solve some of the same problems. WordPress is definitely the less capable of the two, but what it does, it does very well. Drupal is more powerful and can solve more varied problems, but lacks the UI polish that some of the WordPress components have. For a typical informational site, WordPress is definitely the way to go. For something with lots of custom data types, translations, and very complex functionality, Drupal is the better choice.

The release date for the Avengers nears, and I am very excited to see it. It has made a ton of money overseas, and the reviews have been primarily positive. If they just follow the path laid out in the other Marvel heroes movies, they could not have possibly screwed things up. I watched both Thor and Captain America again recently, and they are top-notch films. Cannot wait to see them together on the screen at the same time! It’s a good time to be a comic-book geek.

We are hoping to take a little trip as a family to Fundy National Park over the long weekend in May. We were there with Samantha when she was just a baby, but I doubt the remembers very much. There is one particular trail that leads you to a beautiful waterfall. Way-back-when, I carried Samantha there in a backpack, and I can remember her little face when she saw the thundering waterfall for the first time. She was awestruck and stood back and watched it with wonder. We’ll have Luke along with us this time, and my only thought it how I am going to stop him from trying to jump into the damn thing! Luke is not the contemplative type; he’s more hands-on. In any event, I am looking forward to the trip, especially if the weather is looking nice. Kids and crappy weather don’t always mix so well.

Well, it’s getting late so I should be off to bed. Until next time!