Bring On the Sun

Spring RunnoffSo March wasn’t a great month for running, or perhaps I wasn’t great at running in March. I am not entirely sure. My mileage was not where I wanted it to be, so I’m going to have to get more diligent in April. I was doing some contract work in addition to my regular hours this month, so I think that helped me be a little more tired than usual. Plus the weather wasn’t fantastic in some stretches, with quite a blast of snow just a week ago. My current pair of sneakers are well into the 700+ kilometer zone, so they’ll have to be replaced soon. I am trying to get them through the grit and grime of spring running, mainly so that the new pair aren’t subjected to those conditions. I should become an indoor runner! Nah, that’s not for me.

So I get to see a couple of movies this month at the theatre, which is unusual. First up was John Carter, which I really enjoyed. Too bad that it totally bombed at the box office, because it was actually a pretty good movie. I would describe it as Pirate of the Caribbean, but on Mars. And the actress that played Dejah, Lynn Collins, was fantastic as the Martian princess. I also got out to see The Hunger Games, which was also quite good. Tammie wanted to see it because she read the book series and loved them. I thought the movie was enjoyable, and Jennifer Lawrence was well-cast as Katniss. It actually reminded me a lot of Predator, but with a teenage girl lead instead of Arnold. That may seem like kind of a weird observation at first, but give it some though. Next up, The Avengers.

So we finally got a launch date for Diablo III, which is very exciting. I am a sucker for anything made by Blizzard, and this game will be no exception. I wouldn’t dare tell you how much time I spent with Diablo II, but it was a LOT. I don’t have that amount of time for gaming anymore, but I am sure the newest Diablo will get put through its paces. Can’t wait for the middle of May!

Well, gonna be a short post this month, so that’s a wrap. Til next time!