Winter WavesWe made our way into 2012, and what is typically our worst part of winter has been pretty tame. I took this month off from running, so I haven’t really taken advantage of the weather though. But on the upside, I have been walking to work most days without getting frozen solid! The downside is that the kids really haven’t had a nice winter to play around in the snow. Most days it is wet and muddy, and on the other days it is icy and slick. Luke and I still try and sneak out for our Saturday trail walks though. Last Saturday we saw two different foxes, two flocks of ducks, a whole bunch of crows and seagulls, and were harassed by an angry squirrel. Not bad for a little nature trail in the middle of the city!

Samantha has really taken to the Xbox 360 Kinect. She loves playing all the different games, and can do so without having to use a hand-held controller. The device works remarkably well, although it definitely suits a particular kind of gaming. I doubt anything will be using it to play World of Warcraft, but you could definitely use it for most action games. It am not really a gadget guy, but it is neat to see how technology is creeping more and more into our everyday lives. Sometimes I do wonder if it for the best though. The other day I was at Samantha’s skating lessons, watching her do her drills and skate laps. I looked around and almost every other parent’s eyes were glued to a smartphone or other wireless device. I can watch that YouTube video anytime, but my daughter is only going to grow up once. Oh well, that’s the dad in me, I guess.

I am working my way through the Invincible trade paperback series again, as I just recently got a new collected edition. Every time I get a new part of the story, I go back and read the entire series again. Takes me a few weeks since I don’t read all that much, and I am surprised at how much I still enjoy that book. Ryan Ottley’s art really does it for me. He has such a great sense of characterization and action. Coupled with Robert Kirkman’s crisp scripts, and you have a winner! In my own art endeavours, I have joined up with a weekly sketch group called Illustrious Bits. I love having a regularly scheduled theme to draw a picture for, so it’s been super fun contributing to the group. Some of the other artists are out of my league talent-wise, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t have fun submitting my doodles!

Well, off to read some more Invincible. Til next time!