Holiday Fun

Opening PresentsThe Christmas holidays have just passed, and New Year’s is closing in quickly. The holidays have been great, with lots of wonderful visits with family and friends. The kids scored out like bandits wherever they went, getting a ton of presents. I took some extra time off from work, and don’t head back to the office until the first week of January. We’ve spent the time playing with our new toys, going skating, sledding, building snowmen, and making over Luke’s room. So it’s been a busy set of days off, but very enjoyable.

One of the things we got for Christmas was a Kinect for the Xbox360. It’s pretty neat, and we’ve been messing around with Dance Central 2, Disneyland Adventures, and Kinect Adventures. Samantha really likes the Disney game, and Tammie seems to be really into Dance Central 2. I like the motion and voice control aspects for the new Xbox360 dashboard. The console is definitely becoming a central media platform for us, bringing in content from our Windows Media Centre, Netflix, YouTube, etc. I am looking forward to Microsoft expanding the overall functionality in the coming year.

As of right now, I need to slip in one more run to end the year at 800k. It’s been bitterly cold the last few days (like -15C cold), so the motivation to get the last few runs in have been low. But I’ll get my ass out tomorrow, rain, snow, or shine, and get those last few kilometres in. I didn’t do very much racing this year, so I’ll hopefully get back into that groove in 2012. I’d like to at least maintain my overall mileage as well, if not increase it. Next year 1000k!

I have developed a bit of a love affair with markers for my sketching this year. You can see a bunch of marking drawings in my artwork postings. I had a set of cool gray Prismacolor markers that I have been using, and I really like them. I have used them so much that my 30% and 40% grays are drying out. So in preparation for replacing my Prismacolor markers, I have picked up a few Copic markers. Copics are a higher grade marker and a bit more broadly used by professionals. I have only worked with them a little bit, but I think I like them even more than I liked my Prismacolor ones! Now I just need to get a full set of cool gray and warm gray markers so that I can get all the tonals that I would like in each picture. It’s funny because for a while I almost completely abandoned doing work on paper for working digitally, and now I am starting to swing back the other way!

Well, it’s getting late and tomorrow is looking to be another busy day. So I best be off to get some rest before the kids begin the nighttime routine. Happy New Year!