It’s Hip to Have a Sore Hip

Christmas Tree in NovemberWe are on the cusp of December, which means that Christmas planning is in full gear at my place. Tammie has the tree up and decorated already, just in case Santa decides to surprise everyone with Christmas in November. One can never be too prepared. The kids have their lists all done up, and the shopping for family and friends is underway. I plan to take a week and a half off at Christmas, which is the first break I’ve taken since early summer. We’ve been too busy at work to be scouting for much time otherwise. So far the winter weather hasn’t hit us too hard, although we know that can change at any moment!

I have tried to keep up my running, and am nearing my 800k goal for this year. Over the weekend I had a rough 10k that seems to have hurt my hip and foot somehow. I must been running in a way that really favoured one leg over the other, hence the stress on my left hip and foot. Anyways, I shall take a few days off and then get back to it. Need to keep fit and trim, even over the winter!

We got a new bed and stuff for Luke’s room, so he is officially out of the baby stuff. His crib has been disassembled and much of his other furniture has been moved out in favour of some car-themed stuff. Next up will be the paint for the walls and some other decorating, which I hope to get done before too much longer. Our weekends seem to fill up fast, so I may just have to schedule it and stick to the plan!

I went skating recently for the first time in around 20 years. It wasn’t quite as bad as I imagined it would be, but I was certainly no dynamo. I would say that Samantha (who is four) and I are just about the same speed right now. I wore Tammie’s roller derby helmet just in case… one should never tempt the head-injury gods unless one needs to. I’m sure we’ll be out again many more times over the winter, and maybe by April I can actually skate more than one lap of a rink in 30 minutes!

Well, it is getting late, so I best be off.