Steady Headwind

Remnants of SummerLast night was a really stormy night, with powerful winds and pounding rain. I lost a blue tarp outside somewhere along the way; goodness knows where it ended up. Wind is one of those things we are never short of here in the Maritimes. I recently ran the half-marathon I was getting ready for, and had a pretty good race. The headwind on race day was pretty tough, and it definitely slowed me down a little bit. I think that if it had been a perfect weather day, I might have had a shot at a personal best time. Alas, we shall never know. I am feeling more positive about my running this year, especially as my mileage approaches 700km year-to-date. I’d like to get to 800km before the year is out, but as the days get shorter, it gets harder and harder to slip outside for a run. I love running outside, but am not a fan of running in the dark. I find that it is hard to see where your footfalls are going to strike, and that makes it unnecessarily treacherous at times. I could probably move my runs indoors, but that means making a special trip somewhere just to run, and that’s not just me.

We just wrapped up Halloween tonight as well, and didn’t get that many trick-or-treaters. I took Samantha and Luke out for about an hour around the block. They ended up getting a nice little stash of goodies. We let them gorge a bit on their spoils, although that made it hard to get them to bed. Luke took about an hour a half to settle down after lights out, which is long even for him. I think he has inherited my sleep habits, heaven help us all. Their costumes were pretty cute this year. Samantha was a fairy and Luke was a prince. We had a dragon costume for Luke as well, but he seemed to prefer the prince costume. I think it was just easier for him to move around in, and Luke is all about mobility. He was extra good walking around from house-to-house though, as Samantha lead the way through the neighborhood.

We went swimming at a local pool recently, and Samantha was able to go down the waterslide by herself for the first time ever. I was very proud of her, but it is also another step that takes her away from being my little girl. You have this great sense of pride and a little twinge of sadness at the same time. I suspect being a parent is filled with such moments, as your children learn and grow into independent people. Luke is a rockstar in the water; he loves it so much. He gravitates towards it whether it is at the pool or the beach, and you have to drag him out of it at the end.

Work is busy, as always. Working in the private sector, the moment you are not busy is the moment you need to start worrying, so I like having lots to do. We are lining up projects for the new year already, and it’s nice to see things flowing through the planning stages into something we can work on. It has been an extremely packed year for us, so it’s time to set some goals for next year and dig into them with abandon. And maybe take a little bit of extra time off around Christmas just to recharge the old batteries.

Still mucking around with World of Warcraft in my spare time, although I’ve been thinking I should ditch it for a little bit and get back into doing some artwork. I started another canvas painting not too long ago, but only got about halfway finished of it. I have a few other visual ideas clattering around in my skull as well that would be nice to get out onto paper. Never seems to be enough time in the day, or perhaps I just don’t have enough energy. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.