Back to Azeroth

So here we are in September, and the weather has turned out to be nicer than it was all summer! I don’t claim to understand it, nor do I care to. As long as we have warm temperatures and bright sunshine, I’m good to go. I have been pretty diligent about keeping my running schedule into the fall, and am really starting to get my legs back. I’ve done several runs in the 15k+ territory, so have decided to sign up for the half-marathon later this fall. I am not running with any particular time in mind; just running for the satisfaction of it all. I gotten accustomed to running at less than ideal times, like right after eating or at night, but you do what you have to do when the schedule is tight.

I have been sucked back into World of Warcraft recently, and am having fun with the old Orc Hunter. I am an achievement hunter by design, so there is always some obscure part of the world calling my name with some ridiculous task to be performed. Tammie has been playing as well, and she is getting her Blood Elf Warlock closer and closer to the highest level. It’s fun for the two of us to run dungeons together after the kids have gone to bed. My geekness has finally overtaken her!

We took the kids on our annual trip to the zoo not too long ago. Samantha really enjoyed it, but Luke is at the age where he is hard to contain. I hate just dragging him around in the stroller, but you can’t have him running around like a wild child in public places either. Tammie is more patient when it comes to such things, whereas I tend to get more anxious. But it was still a fun trip and I think everyone had a good time. Tammie and I also ventured over to Moncton to see our first live roller derby match. Tammie plays roller derby, but has yet to actually play a real game, so it was interesting to see the whole thing live. There were some hard hits, big spills, and fast plays. All-in-all I was surprised at how entertaining it was.

My younger sister is home for her annual visit, and it’s been fun to hang out with her. We’re head to Red Rock Wrestling tomorrow night, and that should be pretty fun. I can remember her and I watching the old WWF Wrestling back when we were kids. We’d sit in front of the TV and scream at Brett Hart to beat up the bad guys. Ahh, those were the days.

Well, off to get a little questing done in the Azeroth, and then off to bed. Busy day at work tomorrow as we try to get a few projects tied off before week’s end.