Resplendent August

Wagon RidesRumor has it that we’ve had 40 days of rain over the last 60 days here on the east coast, so that should tell you what kind of summer it has been. Feels more like the spring or fall them the summer, for sure. We’ve had a few nice stretches here and there, but certainly not more than a cluster of days at a time. Weather aside, I have been better at getting out for runs this summer than last summer, and am getting my monthly mileage back to 100 km give or take. I still haven’t been in a race this year so far, but that bothers me less and less as the season ticks forward. I can feel myself getting back in shape, which is my primary goal.

Work continues to be very busy, although at least we have been back on a regular schedule for a while now. Those months of overtime through the winter and spring were very tiring. We’re working on some neat stuff with our new development framework, and it’s neat to see how powerful it is when extended to different projects. There was some internal debate on whether or not we should have used something like Zend or CakePHP, but I really like the system we’ve developed. But hey, I am probably biased.

I got out to see Captain America: The First Avenger. I really enjoyed it and I am glad that the creators stayed true to the Captain America character. It was great to see it framed in the 1940’s era, and they made a great transition to modern day. The whole movie had a nostalgic sensation to it, even though they kept the action and dialogue crisp and fluid. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t win any Oscars, but it was a solid summer action flick. The sneak peek of the Avengers movie was also very neat. I am very excited to see the whole team get together on-screen.

I have been playing Dragon Age: Origins in my spare time, trying to finally get to the end of it. I am very slow at finishing games nowadays. I am constantly amazed at how many options and story paths that game has. It must be strange being the developer of a game where you know that much of your game content is hidden away in dialogue choices that many players may never make. I have also spent a little more time with Starcraft 2. Hard to believe it’s been out a whole year and I still suck at it!

Well, Tammie is feeling sick tonight and I have to go send her to bed early, so I best be off.