Fun In the Sun

I See YouI’m in the middle of my summer vacation, as I’ve taken a week and a half off work. I don’t usually take so much time at once, but we slipped in a trip to Winnipeg this year for a wedding. Just Tammie and I went, leaving the kids with the grandparents. It was a pretty nice trip, and we got to explore some of Winnipeg while we were there. In the short three days we had, we visited the Assiniboine Park Zoo, the beautiful Assiniboine Park, the environmental education center Fort Whyte Alive, the partially flooded Forks, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for a CFL game. We also travelled north of Winnipeg for the wedding ceremony, seeing some of the countryside. Being an east-coaster, I am not used to seeing terrain that is so flat. In all directions outside of Winnipeg, the land is flat, the roads are straight, and the sky is big. Overall it was a pretty fun trip, and it reminded me how much I like seeing new places. I get kind of nervous driving around in cities I don’t know, but it all seems worth it when you stumble across those really cool locales.

So with no work for the rest of the week, I’ll be mixing in some errands around the house with some downtime to play. I have some art projects I’d like to catch up on, and just play some computer games that I haven’t binged on in a while. If the weather is nice, we’ll try and squeeze in some local activities with the kids (Tammie is still babysitting this week, so our numbers are up by two). I’ll probably hunt up some more horrible movies to watch in Netflix, as is my custom late at night. And of course, try to sneak in a few runs here and there, when time and interest dictate.

Samantha just turned four the other day. It is a total cliche, but it really is hard to believe that she has been with us for four years (five if you include the pregnancy). She is definitely becoming her own little person, with her own take on the world. I believe that one of the most rewarding parts of being a parent is just seeing your kids develop and grow as individuals. Little kids are fun because they play and act silly, and it gives the parent a chance to have a second childhood while playing along. I loved being a kid, so maybe that’s why I like this part. Luke is also getting out of the baby phase and developing in the little trouble-maker that he is destined to become. He is constantly in motion and so curious about the world. On the downside, he hates sleeping because he sees it as a waste of time. I am also not a very good sleeper, so I suppose I can take the blame for that gene.

Well, may grab a snack and head out for a run.


Hello Mister Sun

The Slide of DoooomSo here we are in mid-July and the summer weather has finally come around. It has been super-cold and wet up until now, so it feels like summer is going to be an even shorter season this year. We’ve had a busy weekend with the kids, attending Canada Day festivities, touring Orwell Corner, and just bumming around outside. Tammie and I leave soon for Winnipeg, where we will be attending a friend’s wedding. It will be the first time since we met 5 years ago that we will be flying together. I have never been to Winnipeg before, so I am curious to see what the city is like. We’ll also get a chance to spend some time outside of the city as well, hopefully without meeting too many of the legendary Manitoba mosquitoes!

Not much running going on lately. This year is the first in the last eight years that I have not yet run a single race. I suspect I’ll sneak in some event before the year is out, but I have found it tough to get back into running since I was sick. Work has been so busy that I don’t seem to have a lot of extra energy. I know that exercise is supposed to help elevate your energy levels, but it doesn’t feel that way most days. I have been walking to and from work every day recently, which has to count for something. I’d like to squeeze in some more hikes this summer and fall. Not multi-day affairs, but stuff that takes a few hours to complete.

Speaking of work, we finally released our major software revision in late May. The rollover went not too badly, although there were a few bumps right out of the gate. It feels like we have a handle on things now, and we’re staring to get back to a regular work schedule. There were lots of extra hours and weekends put in over the last several months, and it’s nice to finally see the product live. I did a presentation at a tech conference recently on creating an e-commerce solution. I don’t often get to do presentations anymore, so it was neat to get out a business function like that. I am not one to do the mixer-style thing, but I don’t mind seeing some presentations. I think my own presentation was well-received, but how can you really know? Nobody walked out and there were some question during and after… so I take that as a win.

Netflix has been a huge success at the old homestead. We are really enjoying it. Tammie is churning through seasons of different TV series, and I just like the variety of crazy movies I can watch. We watched “Barbarella” last night, which is a classic to be sure. I’ve watched stuff from all over the map: “Mongul”, “Resident Evil”, “Superbad”, “Moby Dick 2010″… the list goes on-and-on. I can honestly say I don’t miss cable one bit.

Well, I feel like getting a little bit of sketching in this afternoon before Luke awakens from his nap, so I’ll get started on that. Gotta sneak your spots when you have kids!