Down and Out

SunburstSo here we are in mid-May, and it is just above zero this evening. So much for spring weather! Oh well, at least we have no more snow. So in mid-April I got really sick with a bad flu, which I think developed in pneumonia. I was down and out for the better part of three weeks, and it really disrupted my half-marathon training. So in the end I had to abort the half-marathon, which I was very disappointed about. I went for my first run in a month tonight, and it felt like I lost pretty much all the conditioning I had built up over the last few months. Hopefully it will come back quickly, but my racing year has definitely been set back.

Work has continued to be extremely busy, but we finally have a solid release date for the major software revision we have been working on. The release will be the result of almost a year’s hard work, with countless hours of overtime. Fingers crossed that things will go well when we changeover the systems! I’d like to say that we are going to have a lull after the big release, but we’ve already gotten several months worth of work queued up, so the summer is going to be as busy as ever. Better busy than not!

In entertainment news, we recently decided to drop our cable and try Netflix instead. So far I am really liking it, and it saves us several hundred dollars a year. Since neither Tammie or I watch any TV programs regularly, having a giant archive of older on-demand media works just fine.  We stream it through our XBox360 to the TV, and it works really well. The kids love it too, since Netflix has a huge catalogue of kids stuff. You can never get enough Dora and Backyardigans!  Right now I am watching the soon-to-be-classic “Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus”. Fantastic!

Well, just a short update this month. Time for a little snack before bed.