Putting on the Mileage

Run Little Fella!I figured I should slip in an update before the end of March. Seems harder to get around to the old blog nowadays. The weather has improved after a winter with lots of snow, but strangely enough the forecast is for more snow tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s an April Fool’s joke! I have been training for a half marathon that will take place in early May, so my running is definitely back in gear. Just ran a 14k training run last weekend, with a 16k to look forward to this weekend. I’m liking getting back into the longer runs, and hope I can keep them up after the half-marathon. I am not sure how much racing I’ll get in this year, but I’d be great to get 10-15 races in before the fall.

Work has been super-crazy trying to meet a mid-April deadline. As I’ve mentioned before, we are working on a new version of our core software, and it has been a major undertaking. Everything is new, right from the database schema all the way up to the display layers. We’ve built a pretty robust system that we believe is very forward thinking, now we just need to get the bugs hammered out of it so we can get it launched. It’s been several months of work, more late nights than I’d care to admit. But that’s what happens sometimes in the custom software business, especially when you’ve got deadlines. But we’re nearing the end of this development cycle, so that’s the upside. Most of the heavy lifting is behind us.

I’ve been doing some more artwork recently, which has been really fun. I got a set of cool gray markers for Christmas that I have been wearing out on different stuff. I really like the way the markers blend, and it’s a nice change of pace from the digital work that I’ve gotten into over the last few years. Even though I can probably do much more refined stuff by painting and drawing digitally, there is something about working with pencils, pens, and paper that is so much fun. I have been doing a larger acrylic painting for Tammie that I am nearly finished with. I might actually make a point to finish it this weekend while she is out at book club. I have played with acrylics before, but never to this level, so it’s been quite a learning experience. I am definitely not a pro yet, but what I’m quite happy with this particular piece.

With the work schedule and just daily family life, I haven’t been doing a lot of movie-going or game -playing recently. I fire up Starcraft 2 every now and again to get some aggression out in a match or two. I let my World of Warcraft account expire without playing much of the Cataclysm expansion, which is the first time I have done that. All of the other expansions I at least played through the majority of the main content. Oh well, maybe sometime when things are less busy.

Here’s hoping for no snow tomorrow!