Wind and Rain

Apple PickingIt was a super-wet, windy, and cold day for my last major race of the year. I managed to squeak in at 45:18 on the 10k course, placing in the top 10% of the field. I definitely didn’t have the mileage this year to do as well as I did on the course last year, but I am pretty satisfied with the result nonetheless. The wind was punishing in some spots of the course, made miserable by the rain. Plus my Garmin GPS wasn’t working during the race, so I had no idea what my time or pacing was. When you’re not sure, just run as fast as you can, that’s my motto. So we’ll see if next running season I can get more races and training in, but it just seems each year since the kids arrived I have had less and less time for running; especially the longer rungs. Oh well, retirement activity!

Work is quite busy, with us working on version 3.0 of our flagship software. We have a very small team and a seriously ambitious project, but I am confident that we can get it done. I do most of my work on the front end functionality, solving usability issues and advanced interactions, and that’s the stuff I enjoy the most. I love taking complicated processes and making them seem simple. Might be some overtime for the next few months, but that’s the nature of the custom content business. Everyone wants everything right away and at the highest quality. What’s the old adage? You can have it fast, cheap, or good. Pick two.

I have been spending some more quality time with Starcraft 2, and am finally getting comfortable with the new races. I still can’t figure out everything that the protoss has to offer, but I can win a few games here and there. I have not yet finished the single player campaign because I wanted to go back and get all the achievements for the missions I had already played. Some of them are pretty hard, so it’s neat when you can get them. And then of course the next game to drop will be World of Warcraft: Cataclysm in December. Goodbye extra time!

Speaking of games, I think I’ll get a few matches of Starcraft in before bedtime. Running in the rain and wind tuckers me out!