Summer Vacation

Black on White or White on Black?I am finishing up my last day of a mini-vacation, having taken three days off from work.  Between my regular work and contract stuff, I have been pretty flat out for a month or so, so it was nice to take a break.  We managed to take the kids to Magic Mountain and Magnetic Hill Zoo on a beautiful sunny day.  It was our first time there, and everyone had a really good time.  Samantha loves the waterslides and Luke really liked looking at the animals at the zoo.  And Samantha got to enjoy a pony ride!  We also zipped out to Green Gables at the national park, as we’ve been reading the book to Samantha.  She got to meet Anne and eat ice cream right out of a traditional churn.  The weather has been awesome for my days off; really sunny and warm.  In fact, last night we retreated to the basement for movies and playtime because it was getting so warm in the main floor.  I got out for a few runs too, although they were kinda grinding because of the heat.  Pushing Luke around in that big running stroller doesn’t make it any easier either!

I’m all geared up for the release of Starcraft 2 later this month.  I’ve gotten a bit of playtime in with the beta, and it feels really natural.  The computer AI is quite good as well, so even playing solo will become a challenge.  I can’t wait for some of my friends to come online when the retail copy is released so we can get some matches going.  I generally prefer the cooperative play over the competitive play, but sometimes it’s fun to match wits with a human player.  But I really can’t wait for the single player game, as I am very interested to see where the Starcraft universe is headed.

I’ve got the art bug again recently, and really want to carve out some time to get some artwork done.  I have been pretty good to get a few pieces done each month for an online group I am part of, but I want to do more.  If I take too much between pieces, I find I get rusty with certain things and have to start over a square one.  I’ve really taken to digital painting, and am not too bad with a stylus and Photoshop.  I would prefer to work with real paints, but it is so much easier and neater to work digitally.  When I’m retired I’ll take up the real stuff!

Almost time for bed.  Back to work tomorrow and my inbox already has several big-ticket items in it.  Gonna be a busy week!