Fear the Swarm!

Blowing BubblesWhew, another busy month behind us. Work has been busy as we’re trying to clear out as much project work as we can in preparation of a major re-write to our flagship software. I’ve been knee deep in X-Cart and Drupal for a while, learning the intricacies of each application. Drupal in particular is an insanely powerful content management system, but comes with a virtually impenetrable wall of technical lingo and jargon. Once you understand some of the core concepts, it gets easier to tease out the elements you need to do some amazing things, but the learning curve is pretty steep at first. Thankfully there is a very active Drupal community that has written all kinds of helpful documents!

I’ve managed to get out to a few races this month, although I haven’t gotten as many training runs as I would like. The races have gone pretty well so far, and I am getting less conservative in my approach. I ended up with a pretty painful hamstring pull after the last race, so I am taking it easy for a little bit. There is another race this weekend, so I probably won’t run until that day. Most of the races are at the 10k distance at this point in the season, which is a nice distance to get a little endurance test in without being too far. I’d really like to step up my mileage in the coming weeks. I seem to keep saying that over and over, without actually being able to do it

I managed to score a spot in the Startcraft 2 closed beta, so I’ve been sampling a little bit of the game before its release in July. It feels just like the original game, just more polished and with nicer graphics. That’s exactly what fans of Starcraft wanted though, s o you’ll hear no complaints from me! The new units are varied, but feel like they’ve always been there. And the Zerg continue to be the most awesome race ever! Screw you Terran!

Tammie and I have been talking about a potential trip to Niagara Falls this year. We haven’t been on a big trip together since before the kids were born, so we’re itching for a major change of venue. As always, the big kicker comes in finding the money, as maternity leave is not the time for extra spending. I think I am going to drum up some contract work to try and squirrel away enough to get us there. We’ll have to see over the next few weeks. It’d be a pretty cool trip though and I think everyone (even Luke) would enjoy it.

Speaking of Luke, he is growing super fast. He’s almost as big as most one-year-olds at the age of six months! Samantha is turning three soon and is super fun. She has so much energy and enthusiasm. You can’t help but feeling like you are having a second childhood when you’re playing with her. It’s awesome to see how they change each day, and it makes all the extra work of being a parent worth it.