My Balance is Impeccable

The Great ExplorerIt’s a little rainy and windy today, but thus far we’ve had a pretty nice April. I don’t want to say that winter is completely behind us, but it’s looking more and more like that every day. The kids are able to get outside and play more often, and the spectre of springtime yard work is looming overhead. Not to mention the cleanup Tammie and I are going to have to perform on our basement. Things really piled up down there during the fall and winter.

So not much running this month so far. I got a bad cold a few weeks ago, and then bashed up my knee. I think I’ve cleared up both little mishaps, and am ready to start back into the routine this week. I missed the first big local race of the year (the Bunny Hop), and am a little disappointed about that. But there are plenty more races ahead, and I hope to get out to as many as possible. Work has been really busy, both during regular hours and with contract work, so I have to admit I haven’t been quite as keen to get out and pound the pavement. Just not enough energy left some evenings. But I think as the temperatures come up and the days get longer, it’ll be easier to find that motivation.

I’ve been able to sneak in a few nights with Dragon Age: Origins recently. The game really delivers for us old-school RPG fans. The story is great and the characterizations are fantastic. It has a nice pace to it, pulling you along through the plot. Right now I am playing as a squeaky-clean warrior type, but I can’t wait to play through it again with a more sinister character. There are so many parts that I want to see played out with a little less emphasis on scruples. And as I mentioned before, the Starcraft 2 beta marches along, teasing me with coverage on a daily basis. I should start stockpiling Pepsi now so I can make it through the late game nights when that thing is released.

Tomorrow is gymnastics day for Samantha and I. We enrolled her in a toddler gymnastics class, and I take her each week. It’s pretty fun, and Samantha loves to be around the other kids and trying out the different equipment. She enjoys the trampoline more than a child should enjoy anything, but I’ll concede that trampolines are pretty awesome. So I best be off to bed so that I’ll have lots of energy for the uneven bars!