Spring Has Sprung

The Crazy SubmarineMarch has been a beautiful month thus far, with fairly warm weather and lots of melting snow. I have started to get out and run again regularly, which I’m pretty excited about. My longest run has been 8k, so I haven’t really tested the old legs yet. It’ll take a month or two to get back into form and be ready for the spring race season. I am not feeling super-competitive this year; I just want to run in the races as something to get out and do. This year is a half-marathon year on the PEI Marathon race weekend (I alternate between the 10k and half-marathon race every two years), so that means my mileage will probably be a little higher than last year. I’d also really like to do the 25k Harvest Festival run in August, as I always love that tough course. Anyways, I am getting ahead of myself as there is a lot of training runs to do before I can tackle the 20+ k courses.

We had our family trip to Moncton and it was fun. Samantha loved Crystal Palace and all the rides. Luke travelled well, although he was definitely fed up with his car seat and stroller by the time we got home. They both slept surprisingly well in the hotel room, which was a real treat for Tammie and I. Our next trip will probably be to Fundy in the spring, but we’ll see how things work out. We had a really good time there two years ago with Samantha, and I think she’d enjoy it even more now that she’s older.

Tammie and I snuck out of the house to see “Alice in Wonderland” over the weekend, and we both quite enjoyed it. The weak spot of the film was actually Johnny Depp. The actress who played Alice (Mia Wasikowska) stole the show and was excellent in her part. The special effects were excellent and the whole world was a nice update from the Disney cartoon original. Definitely worth a look. I was also recently subjected to “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” this week as well. Ahh, Alvin… he is a king among rodents. What more is there to say?

Work continues to be very busy with lots of different projects on the go. Have been working a bit with overlaying custom content on Google maps using Haversine formula to restrict the data set. It’s a neat little challenge. I also wrote my first Flash file uploader (kind of like the image uploader you see on Facebook), and that was a great learning experience. Web technologies have come so far in the last ten years, and it’s amazing how people have come to take for granted to incredibly complicated data exchange that occurs to make these things run. Google Street View for example… madness!

Haven’t had much time with any games recently, although I polished all the songs and challenges off in Beatles Rockband. The music games are fun, but they lack staying power if you aren’t playing them with people. I really hoped Tammie and I could play it together when the kids get to bed, but she hits the drums so hard that she wakes them up. I bet she could give Tommie Lee a run for his money! The Starcraft 2 public beta has been ongoing for a few weeks, and I have been addicted to coverage of it. That game is going to be so awesome that it may warrant a vacation day on release! Nah, I’m not that crazy (or am I?).

Well, there is a kitchen yearning to be cleaned in my house, so I best get to it before it gets too late. I already lost an hour to the time change! Yay, even less sleep!