Another Year Closes

Ducks in a RowSo we just made it through Christmas and are enjoying a little snowstorm tonight. The winds are really howling and quite a bit of snow has fallen. There was practically no snow for Christmas, but I guess winter really hasn’t started yet. The holidays were fun, and we all got lots of goodies. Samantha made out like a bandit, and her playroom is filled to the brim with stuff. Luke has been his generally calm self, and likes to take naps between the festivities. If we could just get his bedtime a little earlier, he’d pretty much be the perfect little baby. Well, except he is going to eat us out of house and home. At his one-month checkup he weighed the same as an average 3-month-old.  Big little boy! I had a few days off from work, but we are so busy that I am back working over the few days between Christmas and New Years. I have quite a few projects due in January and am really pushing to get them all checked off.

So I haven’t gotten too far in Dragon Age: Origins yet, but the parts I have seen are awesome. I also got The Witcher for Christmas, so my RPG goodness meter is filling up. I don’t know where I’ll get the time to play through them, but I am sure some of those dark winter days will be let me get a few hours in. My boss got me an Xbox 360 for Christmas (along with some other awesome goodies), so I picked up Rock Band 2 for it. Tammie really wanted to play Rock Band: Beatles, so we’ve spent some time with that when the kids are in bed.

No running recently, which has kind of gotten me bummed. It’s hard to find the time and energy with the two little ones and the holiday rush. As I mentioned, work has really been eating up time too. I’m hoping come mid-January I’ll be able to get the shoes back on a bit more regularly. I am definitely getting out of shape!

So with only a few days left in 2009, it looks like another eventful year. I changed jobs, had my second child, and bought a new house. Go big or go home! I’m hoping 2010 will bring us as much prosperity, but maybe without quite as many big changes. Only time will tell. Happy holidays to everyone and I hope you have a great New Year! Don’t party too hard.