Welcome to the Family!

Baby BoyA few days ago I welcome into the world my son, Luke. He joins my beautiful daughter Samantha as my second child. My wife joked about how big he was the whole pregnancy, but she turned out to be completely right, as he weighed more than 10 pounds at birth. He’s healthy and happy, and has his grandmothers completely smitten with a single cuddle. Thankfully my daughter thinks the world of him thus far, and can’t get enough hugs and kisses from him. It wasn’t too long ago that I went through this baby thing, so I can guess at some of the trauma to be inflicted in the months to come, but each child is very unique. So my wife and I will brace ourselves for those first six months and hold on for dear life. Thankfully we have lots of help and support from our families and friends, and that will certainly make things easier.

I ran the 10k race in mid-October as planned, although I ended up having a horrible flu race weekend. I almost bailed on the race, deciding in the end to drug myself up and get out there for good or for bad. I placed 8 out of 299 competitors, which is one of my best finishes ever. My overall pace was good, although I was not really close to a personal best. My lungs were not there for the last few kilometers, but I think all my training helped combat some of the fatigue from the sickness.  In the end, I could not have run faster and I was pleased with the race overall. So running is pretty much on the backburner for a while, especially with the arrival of Luke. But hopefully come spring I’ll be able to ramp back up again for another season.

I recently picked up Dragon Age: Origins. I am only a few hours into it, but it really is fantastic. I can’t imagine an RPG fan not enjoying it. It has a very cinematic feel, and you’re always questioning whether or not your last choice changed the outcome of the game you are playing. The graphic and effects are strong, if not revolutionary, but that’s not why you play a game like this. I’m hoping I still have the same impression as I near the completion of the game. I also picked up Half-Life 2: Episode 2 recently. It is another solid expansion to Half Life 2 and I really enjoyed it. Now if Valve ever abandons Left4 Dead and gets back to Half-Life 2, we might see the final episode before I’m too old!

We had to replace a skylight in our house very recently. It was leaking and causing some other damage to the walls and stuff. Very expensive endeavor. I am also expecting a fairly large bill for some car repairs this month too, which sucks. Oh well, at least the car is paid for. We were hoping to take a family trip this year a little farther afield, but these unpredicted repairs might deplete some of our travel fund. I think we’ll still try and get out somewhere, but it may be much closer to home. It’s nice to own stuff, but it’s also expensive to own stuff. Especially when you are a bit clueless on how to fix anything, like I am.

Well, the kids are quiet, which means it is time for the parents to try and sneak in some sleep time. Tomorrow is my last day of baby-home-time before heading back to work. We’re really busy at InternetWorks, so they’re be no rest for me at home or at work. Oh well, there are worse things than being busy, that’s for sure!