Cool Runnings

Autumn LeavesOctober has rolled in and brought with it some cool and wet weather.  I am currently training for a 10k race in mid-October, so that’s made for some chilly runs.  The 10k will likely be my last serious run before our new baby arrives, so I am trying my hardest to be ready.  I’ve been following a training schedule I picked up from Hal Higdon’s site, and am enjoying it thus far.  The interval training is the least fun, especially when you get up to 12x400m, but I think it has helped get me back in game shape.  When it all comes down to it, my time in the race will be determined larger by the weather, but I can be as ready as possible.

And speaking of the new baby coming, we are closing in on our due date.  We’re about three weeks out right now, and Tammie is having a really tough time.  The pregnancy with Samantha was rough for her, but this one is even worse than before.  Nothing serious that requires medical attention, just day after day of pain, discomfort, tiredness, nausea, and general yuckiness.  I do my best to keep things going when she needs some extra downtime, but that is definitely more challenging with Samantha wanting extra time and attention too.  It’s just part of the challenge of raising a family, and nothing that many other dads have not encountered.  We’ll make it.

Things continue to be quite busy at work.  I knocked off several large projects over the summer, and am now into a re-build of one of our core applications.  I am learning a ton about PHP and how it is only kind of object-oriented.  I’m hoping to get a good chunk of it done before the baby arrives, but we’ll see how the scheduling all works out.  I also finished a rebranding of our company’s website very recently.  The previous version had been sitting around for a few years and needed a new direction, so I went with what I thought would be a fun theme.  Basically, we’re all special agents that form of a crack team of web development experts.  The whole shebang can be viewed at InternetWorks.

I was really hoping that I’d have Starcraft 2 to help soothe me during the first few months of sleepless nights with the new baby, but alas Blizzard has delayed it until 2010.  I recently re-tried Dungeons and Dragons Online since it was re-launched as free to play, but can’t say I fell in love.  It’s not a bad game, but it still lacks the immersive world feeling that World of Warcraft has.  It is very much like Guild Wars, where content is disconnected and you don’t see other players as often as you’d expect.  I was thinking of maybe scooping up a copy of The Witcher, but we’ll see how things go over the next month or so.

Well, I am going to go watch “Superman and Batman: Public Enemies” before bed.  Nothing beats a little superhero action!