Mid-Summer Summary

The Open RoadHere we are in mid-July, and it hardly feels like summer has started.  We’ve had a little bit of nice weather, but lots of cool and wet days.  I haven’t been running very much, only completing two races all year.  But I have been getting out most weeks for 3 runs or so, which at least means I am in some semblance of shape.  I’ve been battling a cold for a few weeks now, which is very unusual for me in the summer time.  I guess my frail immune system is no match for the viruses that Samantha keeps bringing home from daycare!  Tammie and I also had food poisoning recently, which was all kinds of fun.  We had to take her to the hospital to get her fluids back up, and thankfully it was short-lived.  Speaking of which, Tammie is starting to feel a little better during this pregnancy.  For months and months she was sick all the time, but now it seems rarer and rarer.  She’s still extra-tired, but that’s to be expected.

Samantha just turned two a few days ago, and we had a big birthday party for her.  It is amazing that she is two years old already, as it didn’t seem so long ago when she was just a little baby.  She enjoys singing and swinging, and can make jigsaw puzzles on her own.  She is definitely developing into her own person, with her own likes and dislikes.  One of the dislikes right now is going to bed.  Takes a while to get her all settled and to sleep, but I shouldn’t be surprised.  I was and still am a horrible sleeper.

Work has been super-busy.  We are working on several web and Flash applications for TourismPEI, and I am trying to close out two of them before the end of this month.  One of them is the ambitious touch screen application I’ve referred to before (which ended up seeing multiple delays).  It’s a challenge from a design and programming perspective, and I’ve migrated all my work to ActionScript 3.0 and Flash 10.  The combination is very powerful, but requires re-learning a lot of the stuff I knew from ActionScript 2.0.  It’s important to me that I keep my skills up-to-date, as otherwise the tech world just passes you by.  I’ve also been delving back into PHP-mySQL development recently as well.  I slapped a new coat of paint on the Sketchjam website, doing the grunt work with PHP instead of Flash.  Not only do you need to keep current, but you also need to be diversified.

The last movie I went to go see was “Terminator: Salvation“, which sucked.  I had such high hopes for it too.  My World of Warcraft time is up for the summer, so I probably won’t log back into there until the Fall.  There are so many events to go to, and projects around the house to complete, so I won’t be missing the distraction.  Tammie and I had a good time in Halifax for our anniversary, and enjoyed Cirque de Soleil.  Not 100% sure it was worth the money we spent on the tickets, but it was a very entertaining show.  I’d love to take some more time off for a few summer adventures, but work is just too busy to get something together.  Plus I’m saving vacation time for when the baby comes in November.

Well, speaking of work, I have some touch screen optimizations to complete, so I best get to them.  As my boss would say “Excitement, she wrote!”